Note to officials: Don’t try to change ‘face of Fayette’


A couple of weeks ago, after the intergovernmental meeting, Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell hinted at a possible new development that he said would change the face of Fayette County forever.

I would inform Commissioner Maxwell and any of the other county commissioners and Fayetteville City Council members that there are those of us constituents who do not want to see the face of Fayette County changed. We like this place as it is.

As I have stated earlier, if I wanted to live in a high density area, I would move to Cobb or Gwinnett Counties where I could “enjoy” continual traffic jams, air pollution, crowded stores and schools and a general lack of elbow room.

Fayette is a unique place, close in but definitely not urban. Please, let us not change this face of our home.

Jere Key
Fayetteville, Ga.