Fayette School System’s E-SPLOST wish list adds up to $145 million


So, what projects are included in the proposed continued E-SPLOST (education special purpose local option sales tax) question on the Nov. 7 ballot that the Fayette County Board of Education on July 24 unanimously approved ?

Project categories for the current E-SPLOST include facilities and additions, technology equipment, safety and security equipment, furniture and equipment, transportation equipment, textbooks and instructional material and debt service.

The potential allocation of $74 million includes renovations and improvements at Fayette County High School, Peeples Elementary, Booth Middle,Inman Elementary and the former Fayetteville Intermediate School currently used as the Center of Innovation. Also included are classroom additions to McIntosh High, a gym and stage at Oak Grove Elementary, classroom additions at Sandy Creek High and Whitewater High. The most expensive of the E-SPLOST costs, the individual projects range from $1.5 million to $21.5 million.

Still other projects include upgrading band towers, upgrading kitchen equipment, stadium track and field upgrades, middle and high school locker replacement, restroom renovations, classroom painting and parking lot resurfacing and repairs across the school system. Those projects run from $50,000 to $2 million.

Other projects of less cost include film classroom and equipment at $250,000, culinary classroom renovation and upgrades at $500,000 to expand the program and ceramic kiln replacements at $250,000.

Running into the millions is the replacement of furniture, science lab equipment, outdoor cameras, phone and intercom system upgrades.

The E-SPLOST would also provide up to $10 million for school bus purchases, $6 million for textbooks and $5 million in debt service.

The E-SPLOST ballot language also includes the ability of the school district to be authorized to issue general obligation debt in the principal amount of up to $25 million.

Revenue for E-SPLOST III comes with anticipated maximum revenue of $145 million, up from the potential $107 million under the current ESPLOST II. The increase is a sign that sales tax revenues are expected to continue to rise.

The current E-SPLOST expires in March 2019.

A detailed list of E-SPLOST projects can be viewed at the school system website by visiting www.fcboe.org.