Craigslist call ends in robbery

Craigslist call ends in robbery

‘Baby, I’m sorry. I just needed some money for my kids’

A man goes on Craigslist and invites two women to visit him at his north Fayette County home. The visit ended abruptly with the man being robbed at gunpoint by an uninvited man who subsequently entered the home.

Deputies at 11:23 a.m. on Sept. 19 were called to a Lee’s Mill Road residence in reference to a person with no shirt or shoes ringing the doorbell at a nearby house and yelling for someone to call 911, said Sheriff Barry Babb.

Simultaneously with that call, another was placed from a nearby Mill Run residence reporting that two young males carrying unknown items ran into the woods across the street from her home before getting picked up in a Jeep Cherokee, said Babb.

Deputies at the Lee’s Mill Road residence met with the person asking that 911 be called. The victim, a resident living on Mill Run, said he had fled his home to get away from robbers, Babb said.

The man explained that he had invited two women posting on Craigslist to come to his home. The man said he sent an Uber driver to pick them up and, upon their arrival, the trio had a few drinks together, Babb said.

The victim said one of the women was on the phone the entire time she was at his home. Explaining that as he went to lay down in his bed, he noticed the front door open. Asking why that would be, the woman said she went outside and forgot to close the door when she re-entered the house, Babb said.

The victim told deputies that while laying in his bed, a man came into his bedroom pointing a gun and told him to lie on the floor. It was then that one of the women entered the bedroom and said, “Baby, I’m sorry. I just needed some money for my kids.”

Babb said the victim told deputies the male with the gun became distracted while gathering items from the home. It was at that point that the victim fled the house and ran to the Lee’s Mill Road residence for help. As he fled the home, the victim said he heard one of the women saying, “Baby, he is getting away.”

Babb said the victim described the man with the gun as a light-skinned black male in his mid-twenties, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt and dreadlock-style hair.

The victim said he heard a second male talking but never saw him, said Babb.

Babb said the items reported stolen from the home included a phone, laptop, bank card and a Glock 9mm handgun.