2 charged in PTC with kidnapping man in their Mercedes

Kenneth Grant (L) and Isaac Kellum. Photos/Fayette County Jail.

A Peachtree City man and one from Tyrone were charged with kidnapping and attempted robbery in an Aug. 28 incident that began in another area and ended in Peachtree City with demands for money.

Isaac T. Kellum, 19, of Peachtree City (above, R), and Kenneth R. Grant, 19, of Tyrone were both charged with kidnapping and attempted robbery by intimidation, according to Peachtree City police reports.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Odilia Bergh said the incident began in a location outside the city as a disagreement over money from past criminal activity.

Local police became involved when a 911 call listed as a robbery in progress was placed from the area of a restaurant on Ga. Highway 54 West.

The victim, a 21-year-old Jonesboro man, had been brought to the city against his will after Kellum and Grant said he owed them money and took his phone, Bergh said, adding that the victim went with the men because he felt like he couldn’t leave and that he would be hurt if he did not go with them. Though he did not see it, the victim believed the men could have had a weapon, Bergh noted.

The caller to 911, a female, said Kellum and Grant could not have the money, adding that she would call police, said Bergh.

It was at that point that Kellum and Grant left the scene, only to have their Mercedes Benz E350 spotted and stopped on Ga. Highway 74 North. The two were subsequently taken into custody.