Memorial Day holds a special meaning for four brothers in arms

Brothers Jeff, Trent, Jerred and Ryan Fisher were one of the parade entries in Senoia’s annual Memorial Day held May 29. Photo/John Thompson.


Senoia is well-known for its annual participation in Memorial Day events. A first for the city this year was a place in the parade that included four brothers who served their country in times of war.

Senoia Downtown Development Authority Director Suzanne Helfman said the idea to have the four brothers in the parade came after she learned that Councilman Jeff Fisher had three brothers, all of whom served during times of conflict.

Senoia has seen no shortage of military members participating in Memorial Day parades over the years, but it would be a first to have four brothers taking part, Helfman said.

“It would be a great thing for Senoia to have Jeff and his brothers in the parade,” said Helfman. “And it would be a first for Senoia.”

So who are these brothers?

Jerred Fisher served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, Unit 3/2 Kilo from 2000-2004 and saw a combat tour in Iraq during Operation Iraq Freedom.

Ryan Fisher served as a specialist in the U.S. Army, 4th Battalion/42 Field Artillery/4th INF Division from 2000-2004 and saw a combat tour in Iraq during Operation Iraq Freedom.

Trent Fisher served as a specialist in the U.S. Army, 426th Signal Battalion/18th Airborne Division from 1988-1992 and saw a combat tour in Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.

Jeff Fisher served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army and with the White House Communications Agency from 1986-1998, including during the time of Operation Desert Storm.

Two of the brothers live locally while two others arrived in Senoia during the weekend to be in town for the parade. Commenting on his brothers, Jeff said his family was celebrating the day, though perhaps in a different way than some.

“We had a handful of friends who perished. This is the best way to pay tribute to them,” Jeff said.

“We’re blessed to be here,” Trent added. “We’re actually celebrating the guys who couldn’t be here.”

For Ryan, Memorial Day is the day to remember fellow military members who could not be present at occasions like those that were held across America.

“Nine passed away in our unit in 2003,” said Ryan, reflecting on his fallen friends, their lives, their deaths, their legacy in the hearts of their comrades.

Noting that Memorial Day is a time of special remembrance, Jerred recalled the loss of a significant number of casualties during battles in a two-week period. The look in his eyes told a story that mere words cannot fully express.

The brothers come from a line of military men, including their dad who was a vet and all their grandfathers who served in World War II.

“We followed in their footsteps to serve our country,” Jeff explained. “The parade is not for us. It’s for them, the ones who are unable to be here.”