Local Resurgens Orthopaedics specialists offer state of the art procedures for the relief of hip and knee pain


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According to the CDC, about 30 percent of adults nationwide report experiencing joint pain. Statistically, the knee and the hip are two of the most common areas of such pain, a fact that doesn’t surprise the joint specialists at Resurgens Orthopaedics. According to Dr. David Goodman, who specializes in sports medicine and total joint replacement, hip and knee issues represent about half of his practice.

“These are the joints in which we most often see arthritis,” he says, “and they’re susceptible to both injuries and everyday wear-and-tear. They’re also key joints for mobility, so pain or damage in these areas can have a significant impact on people’s lives.”

Dr. John Andrachuk agrees. “Joint injuries can be incredibly debilitating,” he says. “The development of safe, effective hip replacement has literally saved lives, which is why I think this particular specialty is one of the most satisfying things I could do as a physician.”

After completing his sports medicine fellowship at the esteemed Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center under Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Andrachuk’s focus is on hip arthroscopy and arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee and shoulder. By inserting a small camera into the joint to guide him, he can perform minimally invasive reconstructive surgery through a very small incision, which reduces blood loss, speeds recovery, and results in great outcomes for most patients.

“Not everyone is a candidate for reconstruction,” he explains, “but for those who are, arthroscopy can be extremely successful. There’s no age or activity restriction on the procedure; it’s appropriate for young athletes with injuries and older adults with arthritis. It does, however, require extensive training on the part of the physician, so few specialists are even qualified to offer the procedure.”

Dr. Goodman points out that not everyone with joint pain requires surgery. “One of the great advances in joint care has been improved diagnostics,” he says. “At Resurgens, we have the technology to accurately pinpoint the core causes of pain and injury – and the experience to help you decide which treatment option is best for you. Many patients can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription medications or injections. We can also help you make lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve your condition.”

Of course, for some patients, neither non-surgical intervention nor reconstruction is the best option.

“When we can’t get past the pain through other methods, we begin looking at joint replacement,” says Dr. Goodman.

“And that isn’t as scary a prospect as people often think. We can do some hip replacements and most knee replacements as an outpatient procedure. If you do need to stay in the hospital, it’s typically for one to two nights. It used to be a week. Recovery times have decreased also. Most of my total hip replacement patients reach 90 percent recovery within six weeks and I’ve had many patients tell me they eventually forget the joint has been replaced. Advances in pain management and anesthesia have made the surgeries safer and less uncomfortable than they’ve ever been, too.”

While many patients come to see Dr. Andrachuk and Dr. Goodman for knee and hip issues, both doctors – as well as all the specialists at Resurgens Orthopaedics – provide care for all joints.

“What’s great about Resurgens is that several of our specialists offer these procedures right here on the Southside,” concludes Dr. Andrachuck. “That makes not only the initial surgery, but follow-up visits and physical therapy, much more convenient for our patient community.”

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