‘Old Girl Scout’ thankful for ‘angel’


Last Wednesday evening (2/22) about 6:45, I was heading to choir down Robinson Road toward Ga. Highway 54 when a deer dashed out in the street in front of me.

Thinking I was fortunate to have missed it, another one darted out. Although I swerved, I still hit the deer.

Horrified, I pulled over to the curb, put on my hazard lights and dashed out of the car.

Visualize an old Girl Scout, dressed all in dark colors, running across the street to the aid of a deer, not even thinking of her phone or a flashlight (actually a phone can do double duty). I never even thought.

I was on my knees on the side of a busy road, in the dark, comforting and stroking this poor deer, when a young man who witnessed the accident appeared with a telephone and a flashlight. He called 911 and lit the area providing me comfort until the police arrived.

His name is Adam Peeler. He stayed with me while the policeman took our statements, then we walked across the street to check out the damage on the car. One policeman stayed behind to end the poor deer’s misery.

The policemen asked me to follow them down to the Methodist Church to get off the road and complete the write-up. Corporal J. Murray gave me his card with the case number and I went on back home.

As it turns out, in talking to my daughter Kelly who did a search on FaceBook, that Adam is a native of Peachtree City and a pastoral intern at Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church. God did indeed send an angel.

Mary Ann Miller
Peachtree City, Ga.