What does President Trump really believe?


The big question is just what does President Trump believe? Does he just “say things” to get attention? This approach may be effective when only a candidate for the presidency, but saying “anything,” related to stream of consciousness outbursts, when actually installed in the White House, does carry consequences, both domestic and internationally.

Donald Trump is the de facto, legitimately elected 45th President of the United States. As painful as that is for me to admit, I fully acknowledge it.

Why cannot President Trump himself accept that fact and behave as an authentic chief executive of the United States? Why must he consistently remind us that he won such and so states, defied all the polls and critics? Is his ego so fractured and insecure that it must receive thunderous adulation virtually 24/7? Is he so thin-skinned that he must respond to virtually any and all negative tweets immediately? What will be his tweet responses when he is challenged/questioned by a foreign government leader?

Let us hope and pray that President Trump’s future policies and decisions will be predicated on cold, hard facts and not on dubious quotes and comments, or “beliefs.”

Wade J. Williams
Peachtree City, Ga.