New system means faster response



Coweta County Fire/Rescue is now using a new alert system, one designed to result in faster response times and a healthier environment for responders.

The WestNet First-In Fire Station Alerting System provides an automated alert system designed to call out only the stations and units involved. With the implementation of the 700mhz radio system, individual station alerts were not possible, thereby resulting in all stations receiving all calls 24-7. This created a myriad of problems, especially during nighttime hours.

The WestNet system is able to take information entered into the system at the E-911 center and automatically call out the correct station and units. Another benefit of this system is that it allows dispatchers extra time to get important information from the caller instead of having to spend that time sending out first alerts manually. Direct conversation between the E-911 dispatchers and CCFR responders, now begins when the units go into service.

The WestNet system is currently set to send all alerts to all stations during the daytime hours; however, there is a specific alert sent to the station being called into service. Between 10:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. only the station specific alert is heard.

The system is designed to assist in the health of responders by sending the alert in a gradually increasing tone and sets off red led lights to assist in rousing the responders in a healthier, less stressful manner.

Infrastructure is in place should additional components available for the alert system should ever be needed.

The WestNet system also has emergency backups should power or other systems go down.
The new alert system went online Jan. 4. Captains Chuck Loftin and Bryan Minix oversaw the installation of the system.

Coweta County has posted a video on this topic on its Facebook page.

In the above photo, Joel Turowski with Low Voltage Installations, Inc., contracted by WestNet, is installing system components at Coweta County Fire Station 6.