Store brings needed items to kids of limited means


The Dignity Store is now open for students at Flat Rock Middle School.  A new program designed to meet the basic needs of kids who might not otherwise have access to basic hygiene items like deodorant and shampoo. The Dignity Store is stocked with these types of items and available at no charge for kids who notify a teacher or counselor of their need.

The space is in a private location of the school where kids can feel comfortable should they need some of the basic necessities many take for granted. The products are all high-quality supplies stocked by volunteers who’ve committed to participate for at least one year.

The program utilizes a simple model which can be applied in other locations (there are currently two other interested schools) if the school is supportive and a committed group of volunteers can be organized.  

The items available to students includes soap, shampoo, food, laundry detergent, feminine hygiene products, dental hygiene products, and antiperspirant.  If a student has a need for such items, he or she can discreetly notify a teacher of the need to get access to the store.  Helping kids maintain their dignity by giving them the opportunity to obtain needed items on their own is the hallmark of the program. Giving them access to high quality personal products in a welcoming and private space is the method The Dignity Store uses.        

Progress of The Dignity Store can be best followed on