A host of thanks


The last 10 days have become a blur due to a reoccurring illness. A year ago I was rushed to the hospital, down three pints of blood. We thought we had the matter under control but last week , I was rushed there again down two pints of blood.

When I left the doctor’s office a week ago, I suddenly lost my bearing and pulled onto a disabled parking spot, parking there until I could get help.

Just then a car pulled up beside me and a woman in her 60s, asked if I needed help and where could she go to get it. I told her the Methodist Church and she asked if the Methodist Church was right downtown and I told her it was. She wrote down my name and headed into town, locating the church office immediately. Shortly two members from the church office headed toward me, finding me ASAP and one got in my car and drove me home.

I am hoping that even though that lady who stopped obviously was not from Fayetteville, that she sees this and accepts my grateful appreciation.

The blood work results were in Monday morning and I was told to call 911 and get to the hospital immediately.

More thanks – EMT’s Daniel, Philip and Kayleigh came in an ambulance taking all the proper tests, strapping me down and away we went. Unfortunately, the hospital was full, both the emergency rooms and the overnight rooms.

So these fine folks had to hang around for over a half hour until an ER room was available. I did overhear Kayleigh mention med school, so she has a long road ahead of her. They were all professional and delightful to be around. I also overheard that Fayette County EMTs were asked to stand at the ready to come down if a call came from Spalding County, who were fighting a wildfire, ended up needing their medical help. Interesting.

Even though I was in ER the first of two pints of blood was started. Six hours after I got there I was pleased that a tray of food was brought to me. However, one arm was a little tied up and I could at least eat the veggies with the other arm. Oh, and remind me to get the hospital’s recipe for the mac and cheese – best I’ve ever had!

Because I know and leaned on one of the top hospital officials, I finally got in an overnight room about 9:30 p.m., nine hours after I had arrived.

Unbeknown to me, my boss at the Citizen had informed my son in Oregon of everything when I had called him at noon, my son informed my daughter, in Denver, who fortunately works for Delta Air Lines. Her company told her to scoot to Atlanta, and at 10 p.m. she walks into my room. Yes, I cried.

I got to come home the next day and my son-in-law also came to help out.

I wish to thank these friends who lent their assistance though not in any special order: Dr. Frank Cole, Raymond, Joyce, Vicki and Debbie.