This and that


The weather may be getting cooler, but I still miss those big glasses of sweet tea at Melear’s restaurant. I also miss the camaraderie of the folks eating there – most of whom are no longer with us.

I see that Agnes Nixon,the creator of the old TV staple, “All My Children” has died. Back in my real estate days here, I sold a house to one of her writers. I remember it had to be in an area that could send and receive all kind of wiring.

I really studied to take my state real estate test and I’m pleased to say I’m the first Fayette Countian to get a real estate license without going to a real estate school first.

Remember, professionals built the Titanic and amateurs built the Ark. Never stop pursuing a good idea.

England’s Queen Elizabeth II had Winston Churchill as her first Prime Minister. She currently has the 14th person to serve her in that position. She is just a couple years older than me and can still walk up steps. I can no longer do that and boy, am I jealous!

You ask me who I am going to vote for President of the United States? It’s looking more and more like Kiefer Sutherland.

I do not understand these TV ads about seniors discussing whether they should buy life insurance or not. I was blessed with a mother who never had to work and always kept a clean house, and a father who had a home for us always paid his bills, and always carried the proper life insurance to take care of his family, “just in case.”

I ended up a single parent of two children with life only handing me $13,000 a year to raise them on, but I followed a good example and carried life insurance, “just in case.”

No, I do not watch the TV shows, “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.” I did watch “The Bachelorette” once, and I can assure you of this – if I saw it was my daughter, I would reach right into the television set and yank her right out!

My parents got their first television set when I was in college, and of course it was an all black and white set. I doubt if the screen was more than a 12 inch one. My current set is in color with a 32 inch screen. The names of the available channels now available are weird: Acorn, Hulu, Epix, Seeso, good grief!

I read where Peachtree City is having to do something with their spillway. Many years ago, we could just drive over it to get from one side of town to the other.

My daughter, a 1986 graduate of Fayette County High School, is here for its 30th reunion. She came home a little ticked, however. Evidently at least a dozen there, instead of saying “Julie, how nice to see you” said “Julie, tell your mother I said hello.” She seemed to feel it was her reunion, not mine.