Hillary’s herd and ignoring the truth


Watching a herd of cattle one would think they are all heading back to the barn. They all are not; only one is — their leader. The rest are simply following, blindly, through the mud and cow patties. Has this pattern of blind following become the norm for Hillary Clinton’s voters? Over the years have they become a herd for the Clinton’s dominance of our country? Is ignorance of truth leading them to the barn to be milked, or worse, be slaughtered?

Before all you PC Cops jump on the word ignorance, please realize it is a derivative of “to ignore” and does not imply stupidity. While mountains of proof are erupting from the volcano of Secretary of State Clinton’s debacles many of her supporters are ignoring the truths as rhetoric or “Fox News.” President Obama uses these two disclaimers so often that they are now a standard of his party and for anyone else who lacks the ability to use truth to debate a point.

One truth is we can’t really blame Presidential nominee Clinton for using this tactic. She has observed her citizens absorbing the lies of the past as they become immune to real truth. She has listened to the quiet submission within our nation when hearing, “You can keep your doctor,” “Fast and Furious,” ”The Bergdahl Swap,” “her security breach of emails,” and now “Four million in cash to Iran.”

She is a wise politician and that which she does not hear (outcries of injustice) strengthens her reserve that America will succumb to ignorance. Past history of her going untouched is proof of this. The “Teflon Don” Gotti would be proud of her. Hillary Clinton is the consummate politician and liar. She learned her trade while studying the history of the Democratic Party and our nation’s changes in values and morality.

The Democratic Party itself is no stranger to dishonesty for political gain. American blacks are a huge block of votes for her presently. Black communities believe the Democratic Party has supported their causes; history shows otherwise. “The Corrupt Bargain of 1877” describes how Democratic segregationists manipulated votes through either bribing or beatings of blacks to prevent their voting. They were also accused by the Republicans of hiding ballots in three southern states. These actions were done in an attempt to gain the presidency in 1876.

When this came to light, a 15-member panel behind closed doors rendered a “corrupt bargain” giving the Republican Party the nod if it agreed to pull the federal troops from the South and allow the Democrats to control laws. As a result of this bargain blacks lost their rights, not their freedom, and for generations were denigrated to second class citizens and Jim Crow abuses.

When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, it was not a new law. It was merely the acknowledgement of black equality in the United States declared 90 years prior by a Republican President, Ulysses S. Grant, after the Civil War.

Why are politicians able to effect change through deceit? It is because the American public has become increasingly compliant in stretching the truth also. We used to honor truth and hard work, now this is blasé and considered uncool.

A Department of Education study claims 60.8 percent of college students cheat and believe this is acceptable; 95 percent of those that cheat do not get caught. I’m sure Ms. Clinton knows this. To make matters worse only 34 percent of academia believes cheating to be a problem. The study further points out many of those cheating actually started in high school. In other words over 60 percent of our present and future leaders have no problem with lying or cheating. The other 40 percent puts up with it.

Will Hillary Clinton win the election? Based on Americans not caring if she lies, she will. The only thing preventing her nomination is for those who still believe America is better than her, her lies, and her power plays to start spreading the word to everyone one we can to stand up and tell the educated truth.

Joel Kinsman
Peachtree City, Ga.