Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory


In response to the eight arguments I presented against Darwinian Theory, Jim Bock suggested I read a book. When time permits I will read the book he suggests, though with zero expectation it will have the remotest impact on any one of those eight arguments.

Mr. Bock also described my assertion as “farcical” that there is anyone out there “stomping their feet and insisting Darwinian Theory has no problems.”

Eugenie Scott (director of the National Center for Science Education) said, ”There are NO weaknesses in the theory of Evolution.” Richard Dawkins has written that anyone who doesn’t believe in Darwin is “ignorant, stupid or insane.” When Richard Sternberg printed a single, peer-reviewed article questioning Darwinism, it resulted in extensive, furious and personal retaliation from the science power brokers.

Your high school students’ textbook does not discuss Darwin as a theory with pros and cons; it is presented as a scientific fact that explains every feature of life and for which there are no issues or challenges.

When Kansas, among others, wanted to officially recognize there were questions about Darwinian Theory, the outrage from the science power brokers was off the charts. The recommendation was for colleges to not accept kids who had graduated from any Kansas high school.

If Mr. Bock feels differently that’s certainly up to him, but these are just a few of many examples where I would say someone is “stomping their feet and insisting there are no problems with Darwinian Theory.”

As one Chinese scientist noted, “In China we can’t question the government, in the U.S. you can’t question Darwinism.” This is demonstrated in the heavy price that is paid by anyone who does so.

The Altenberg 16 was a group of evolutionary scientists who met in 2008 to discuss finding an alternative to Darwin because they rightly realized that mutations do not create anything. As the evidence has become far stronger, the Altenberg 16 has become the Altenberg Uncountable.

The evidence against Darwin is intellectually honest, it’s powerful and it’s growing with every gene that gets sequenced. I will be very surprised if 10 years from now the science community is not talking about Darwin in the past tense.

I honestly don’t even mind Darwinian Theory being presented in the science classroom; there are many evangelicals who accept it without issue. It’s just when the theory is presented as a dogmatic assertion and the pseudo-scientific worldview forcibly suppresses any opposition that it proves itself unworthy of our students.

Go ahead and teach about it, just tell the truth about it.

I will close this letter by adapting the opening of Mr. Bock’s letter. It is indeed impossible to change someone’s mind on beliefs no matter how many facts you present … when they don’t want their minds to be changed.

Pepper Adams
Peachtree City, Ga.