Sunday School is still cool


Yes, Sunday School is still cool, and it is time for “Rally Day” in our churches, so I want again to enlist your full support and participation.

“Rally Day” is one name for the re-start of Sunday School, coinciding with the re-start of school for our children after the summer break. We actually had our Rally Day here at Prince of Peace this past Sunday, and it was a joyous and exciting time with Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, games, and the fun of friends. All the churches of our community will probably be having Rally Day over the next few weeks, and I hope you connect. But I know it is true in every church, that if you miss the first day of Sunday School, you can certainly join a class on any Sunday thereafter.

And let’s be sure to say that Sunday School is not just for children. Our youth and adults are just as blessed by their Sunday School classes. And their need for Christian education and growth in faith is just as vital.

But why is Sunday School so important? And why is it even more important now than it has ever been? Think of the life of a child. I’ve heard it said that a person learns more in the first five years of life than in all of the remaining years. I can see how that is true. And our lives are shaped in childhood in ways that mold and solidify our thoughts and actions throughout adulthood.

Think about how important it is that young children learn about God in these early formative years. How important it is that they learn about and get to know the true God of the Bible. How important it is that they learn truths like God made them, loves them, and cares for them. Just as He made, cares, and loves His whole creation. I certainly hope that our Christian families teach and instill these truths in our homes, but the routine of Sunday after Sunday having our children and grandchildren experience the love of Jesus as taught and shown in their Sunday School classes is priceless.

And why is all this even more important now than ever before? We Christians are realizing that our faith and our way of life are being criticized and attacked, and being shoved to the margins of our society. In our society as a whole, there is so little, if any, mention of God and His way for our lives. Unless a child is in a Christian school or day care, the teachers and care givers are forced to withhold any references about God and His love and His way for our lives and our way of talking with Him in prayer.

Again, yes, we Christians need to be more and more diligent about teaching these truths in our homes, and living out our faith in specific ways so our children and grandchildren “catch” the faith. But the truth is probably that with the busy-busy lives we live, too often our intentional Christian training for our kids is shoved out of our schedules.

But if you commit yourself to regular attendance each Sunday for both worship and Sunday School, you will know that your children will receive the foundation for their faith that will bless them, encourage them, and carry them through the rest of their lives. What could be better than that?

And, again, let’s remember that Sunday School is not just for children. Our youth so desperately need the faith-grounding they receive in their youth Sunday School classes. And just think of their lives each week where God and faith and prayer are ridiculed and dismissed. How much more don’t they need the strength of a time well spent with their peers in learning from the Bible that God is the True God of all time and all places, and that He never goes out of style?

These Sunday morning classes give our youth the chance to learn how to articulate their faith and even defend their faith. Sunday morning youth classes give our youth the tools they need now and for the rest of their lives. As I’ve said, what could be better than that?

And, finally, adults, we too have both the blessing and the necessity to be in Bible study and faith discussions with each other as we continue to face the challenges of living out our faith in our everyday lives. Adult Sunday School classes come in “all shapes and sizes.” Find the one that fits you and commit yourself to it. You’ll be so glad you did.

And adults, also remember that your children cannot drive themselves to church and Sunday School, so your commitment to get them there is vital. And even if your children or youth say they don’t want to go, your commitment on their behalf is to see to it that they get there anyway. Parenting is sometimes hard. God will help you.

God bless Sunday School! It’s still cool!

Kollmeyer is pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Ga. Hwy. 314 in Fayetteville. Worship at 9:15 or 11:15 with Cool Sunday School at 10:20.