Guarding the border: Another immigrant’s story


If I’m labeled a racist (I’m not) by some, so be it. I don’t like criminals, therefore whenever I attempt to hire someone I stipulate the company not hire illegal aliens (i.e., persons who have entered this country illegally, a crime).

I did that when I contracted for a building. An excellent contractor who only employed good ol’ Georgia boys. The contract included a driveway which he sub-contracted. When the sub-contractor’s crew arrived, not one of them spoke a word of English.

I was enraged and attempted to verify their “legal” status. Unable to do so, I had no choice but to allow them to complete the work as the concrete truck was already on the job, and the cost of the work was included in the original contract.

Lesson learned: When a contractor hires legal immigrants, also ask if he subs any part of the job and whether he verifies the legal status of those employees. E-verify should protect consumers, but unfortunately it is rarely enforced.

I welcome legal immigrants and appreciate their contributions to our country — the key word is legal.

In 1988 we visited China where we met a Chinese girl who was entering her senior year at college with a mechanical engineering degree.

We became pen-pals and she was eagerly awaiting graduation to begin the job assigned to her by the Chinese government. Then the horror of the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred. Even though she was totally apolitical and not involved in the fight for freedom, every senior in every university was told they would not be allowed to work at their assigned jobs. The women would be sent into prostitution and the men would be sent to the farms.

She was desperate and we had grown to love her through our communications, so we sponsored her to come to the U.S. She applied to several colleges here and was accepted at a Georgia college in a master’s program.

It took almost a year for the Chinese government to release her. We had to go through intensive investigation, providing years of financial statements, background checks, and declaring that we would be legally and financially responsible for her.

She completed her second master’s program and is and has always been the joy of our lives. It took eight years for her to obtain her citizenship, not some disgusting amnesty. She is a better and more loyal American than any natural-born person that I know.

From the moment she entered this country she has paid taxes, working at three part-time jobs while attending college. She refused any financial help from us, although we offered it. She now holds a very lucrative position as does her husband who also entered the country legally, under sponsorship. He had fulfilled his eight years to obtain citizenship and was in New York to complete the papers when the terrorists flew the planes into the WTC, destroying his citizenship papers. He was finally successful in becoming a loyal American.

The one statement that I heard my beloved “foster” daughter make more than any other was, “I don’t understand American people, can’t they see that he (Bill Clinton) is a communist?”

She is still apolitical but she treasures her right to vote, and she still says “I don’t understand American people; don’t they understand …?”

I disagree with Ms. Duncan from Kentucky. Demanding that illegal aliens (criminals) be denied jobs is the responsibility of every American citizen. If they can’t find work perhaps they’ll apply for citizenship, wait their turn and become a citizen, or find a sponsor to speed the process along.

How many foreigners has Ms. Duncan or her father sponsored for citizenship? And for all those who will call me “racist,” and all the LCDs (Lying Communist Democrats) who pander to illegal aliens, how many have you sponsored?

If Ms. Duncan’s father is “a proud citizen” perhaps he should get the chip off his shoulder and embrace the immigration laws of the country he professes to love.

Victoria Wanzer
Peachtree City, Ga.