GSU announces President’s List


Georgia Southern University recently recognized 1,340 students for excellence in academics on the 2016 Spring Semester President’s List. To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must have at least a 4.0 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Local students on the President’s List include:

Abigail Aaron of Newnan

Patrick Bear of Peachtree City

Kathleen Blankenship of Fayetteville

Adam Childers of Fayetteville

Madeline Conner of Peachtree City

Taylor Daly of Brooks

Justin Doil of Peachtree City

Christopher Fair of Fayetteville

Zachary Giddens of Fayetteville

Elizabeth Hayes of Fayetteville

Matthew Kindle of Newnan

Mackenzie Kriesch of Senoia

Benjamin Kuebler of Peachtree City

Lindsay Lassetter of Newnan

Jocelyn Lavariega of Newnan

Bobby Lee of Riverdale

Caitlyn Matthews of Senoia

Meaghan McClain of Fayetteville

Liana Milis of Peachtree City

Kaytlin Moody of Peachtree City

Mason Moore of Senoia

Adledih Morales-Bello of Newnan

Samantha Murphey of Newnan

Ryan Nowicki of Peachtree City

Fergus Oubre of Fayetteville

Zachary Riling of Fayetteville

Katie Sachs of Sharpsburg

Antonio Santiago of Fayetteville

Joseph Saulsbury of Peachtree City

Kelsey Saunders of Fayetteville

Matthew Schilling of Peachtree City

Kyle Smith of Peachtree City

Anna Smith of Fayetteville

Richard Steele of Tyrone

Madison Stewart of Senoia

Lindsey Szydzik of Peachtree City

Austin Terrell of Newnan

Cassandra Tolin of Senoia

Kelson Van Gunst of Fayetteville