Vets bring unique perspective to Vietnam War


Students in David Brown’s U.S. history classes at Whitewater High had the privilege of learning about the Vietnam War from soldiers who actually fought the battles and put their lives on the line.

Vietnam veterans Lee Stuart and Pat Will shared their firsthand experiences with the war, giving students a different perspective than what they can get through textbooks and lectures, such as the horrors of war, life in the military, and how the veterans’ service affected their lives and the lives of others.

“The students were very interested in what the vets had to say, and asked insightful and thoughtful questions. They really enjoyed hearing about the war from someone who was actually there,” says Brown.

The most intriguing aspect the students learned was the role that brotherhood played in the war.

“Students did not realize the depth of the bonds that form between soldiers. The presentations from the vets was both educational and eye-opening, and left the students more enlightened about the war,” adds Brown.

Both veterans received a plaque from the school thanking them for their distinguished military service.

Stuart is pictured with students Madias Loper and Ryan King, along with Brown.

Will pictured with students Brandon Pupo and J’vonne Bradley, along with Brown.