County installing automatic hydrant flushers


The Fayette County Water System is installing 18 automatic hydrant flushers in its water distribution system.

The units are an effort to improve water quality by reducing the length of time water stays in lines as well as minimizing the amount of water flushed. The shorter the time, also known as water age, the better the quality of water. These units flush water at periodic intervals during the day but operate mostly at night when there is less disturbance to citizens. When you see water blowing out of one of these units there is no cause for alarm. It is a normal function of the unit.

The water used in this process is far less than previous flushing methods and is a very small amount when compared to the millions of gallons traveling through the 650+ miles of water mains throughout the Fayette County Water System. Each flusher is programmed to flush the amount necessary for its location. These Automatic Flushing Units (pictured below) will help us be more efficient while delivering a better quality of water to our customers.

“The units will be placed near storm drains when possible or a short pipe will be installed to minimize erosion and prevent the ponding of water on resident’s property or in road ways,” said Water System director Lee Pope.

Official installation of the units began April 27. Water lines are being flushed prior to installation, however, there is a chance residents may notice a slight drop in water pressure and a slight water discoloration during the initiation of this project.

Anyone experiencing discoloration is asked to call the water department at 770-461-1146, Option 5.

Units are being installed throughout the county. Each unit is red in color and has the Water System logo and the phone number to call with any concerns.

Questions or concerns about the process should be directed to Water System Customer Service at 770-461-1146, Option 5.