PTC Council considers raising ticket fees in city court


The agenda for the April 7 meeting of the Peachtree City Council has several consent agenda items and only one item of old business that pertains to utility companies working on city right-of-way.

While there is no new business for consideration, the only old business item on the agenda involves a proposal to amend the city’s fee schedule to include rules for registering utility work on city property.

The amendment would require permits and establish procedures for excavating in the city right-of-way and establish a fee structure.

If acceptable to council, the item will be up for a vote at the May 5 council meeting.

An item on the consent agenda proposes to increase administrative fees for municipal court citations.

The municipal court is asking that the administrative fees on the majority of citations and city ordinance violations be raised from $15 to $20. The increase would help the offset the rising cost of daily inmate housing and the cost of the indigent defense fund, said court administrator Kimberly Jones in an April 7 letter.

If approved, the increase would generate approximately $45,000-50,000 per year, Jones said.