Career fair aims to help eighth-graders


It might be hard for them to imagine now, but today’s eighth-graders will be in the workforce in eight years or less. That’s why eighth-grade school counselors from each of the school system’s middle schools organize and host an annual countywide career fair, an organized effort to expose students to different career options in a number of work fields, as well as the education and skills that are required.

The 2015 event, held Nov. 13 at the LaFayette Educational Center, gave more than 1,600 students an opportunity to learn valuable information to help them chose a potential career path, and the courses they will need to take in high school to prepare for their careers of interest.

Students met with and discussed career options with more than 70 professionals from a host of fields that included healthcare, law enforcement, business, hospitality, entrepreneurship, social work, logistics, and technology.

This was the 12th year that the eighth-grade school counselors have collaborated and hosted the daylong career fair for the county’s eighth-graders.