It’s more than just a clever song title


If you’ve seen the movie “War Room,” then you’ve heard John Waller’s song “Crazy Faith” which is from the album of the same name. The Senoia resident was inspired to write it after a major life event for his family led them to step out into the unknown.

Several years ago John and his wife Josee went to Ukraine to adopt a child. The couple already had five biological children. When they reached their eastern European destination they learned that the little girl they intended to adopt had two siblings, and it would have to be a package deal – take all three or none.

“So we took a leap of faith,” John said simply, adding that shortly after they decided to take the three children and when the process was nearly complete, Josee became pregnant. In a short time five became nine. The story also inspired another recent song of John’s, “Orphan.”

John and Josee both grew up in Fayetteville and graduated from Fayette County High School. Except for a short time out west they have lived in the Fayette-Coweta area their entire lives.

About a year and a half out of high school John recorded his first album. He and his band played together for several years, after which he and his wife moved to Colorado for a while to help start a church where he was music pastor. He continued writing songs as well and got a record deal, ultimately coming back to Georgia and playing music full-time again.

His song “While I’m Waiting” was featured in the 2008 film “Fireproof,” a Christian film that wound up being the top-grossing independent feature of that year. “While I’m Waiting” was the only song played in its entirety in the film, and its exposure gave John’s career a major boost.

The same thing has happened with “Crazy Faith,” as “War Room” has become by far the most popular film yet for Albany-based Sherwood Pictures, grossing more than $66 million domestically as of Oct. 25. The album, released in August, was produced by Scotty Wilbanks, an Atlanta-based producer with a wide range of experience in Christian music.

Waller, who keeps up a busy touring schedule now singing in churches, has seen many changes in the music industry over the years.

“It is difficult,” he said. “It is a different game now. There are not as many people buying your music because there are so many places you can go. It’s more crowded and social media is so important; it’s all about what goes viral. It’s hard to get anyone’s attention.”

With a growing family that is so important to him, he is looking down the road to when he can reduce his travel schedule. He and his wife are getting ready to launch Crazy Faith Coffee Company, and they are gathering stories of faith similar to theirs that can be shared through that product and online.

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