Edgefield will host First Sunday in June celebration


Edgefield Baptist Church in Fayetteville will be the host church for the community’s re-creation of the first homecoming celebration, called back then, “The First Sunday in June.” All churches are invited to participate as it was done at the very first celebration.

This year’s event will  be held this Sunday,  June 7, beginning at noon at Edgefield Baptist Church, 140 Church Street, and at Church Street Park, directly across from the church. The theme is, “Continuing Our Legacy.”

One of the organizers, Portia Porter Skeete, says, “My mother and the other town folks have always talked about that time (the First Sunday in June celebration). Even in my worldly travels when I have met a native from Fayetteville and the surrounding towns (Fairburn etc.), they speak about working in the cotton fields all year to be able to buy a new outfit to wear on that day. And It was the only time their parents did not get after them for not going inside of the church service. They talk about the vendors, or ‘stands,’ as they were called back then, cotton candy, snow cones,candy apples and other sweets. And the people — there were hundreds.”

This year’s activities will include games and fun for every age and a community picnic. Vendors and local businesses are welcome.

For questions or to learn how to be a part of this event, contact Portia Porter Skeete, 404-556-0411.