Projects and traffic advisories in Peachtree City


Here are some things that Peachtree City residents should make themselves aware of over the next few weeks.

The cart path over the creek near North Fairfield Drive and Sherrels Ford was closed May 26 for the replacement of the storm drainage and is expected to remain closed for two weeks.

The Water and Sewerage Authority is rehabilitating the sanitary sewer lines up and down Pebblestump, Hilltop, and Elm. The work will be a mix of pipe bursting, open excavation, and manhole lining.  Please avoid the construction areas and the materials and equipment near Pebblepocket Park.  This project should be completed in late July.

The Overlook at Line Creek (at the intersection of Line Creek and Hwy. 54) has been issued a clearing and grading permit, which means that there will be an increase in truck traffic in the very near future. Motorists are urged to drive with caution in this area of Hwy. 54 W.

Development has begun for the Everton at Wilksmoor Subdivision, and tree removal is about to begin for the extension of MacDuff Parkway. The only access for construction traffic at this time is MacDuff Parkway and Hwy. 54. Caution is advised as is keeping an eye out for construction vehicles entering the highway.

The Peachtree City Recycling Center is currently only accepting e-waste and yard waste. The recycling center remains open Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays for these items only. Residents may drop off other recyclables at the McIntosh Trail recycling station by Public Works (open all hours).

Replacement of the storm drainage system in Preston Chase has been temporary delayed until the relocation of additional utility lines is been completed. The City is anticipating a 30- to 45-day delay, with completion expected by mid-September.