Garlock lacks credibility to comment on race


After reading Mr. Terry Garlock’s latest commentary on race (“Racism today in America”), I’m wondering why The Citizen continues to publish pieces from writers who lack credibility on issues concerning communities of color. Garlock comes off as an apologist for many forms of social injustice.

The black community does not take its cues from Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton is an odd fixation for right-wing readers. Citizens in Missouri were protesting long before any leaders came on the scene. They are simply fed up with what they perceive to be unjust treatment. If the Department of Justice report is any indication, the anger has been building for a long time.

How can anyone look at past institutions of slavery and Jim Crow segregation, modern-day discrimination in education, banking, housing, employment and endless anecdotal evidence of racial intimidation, profiling, harassment and suggest that none of this has impacted the black community? Why does Mr. Garlock continually fail to address the negative impacts institutional bias has on communities of color?

Mr. Garlock shows contempt for citizens actually following the “advice” he arrogantly delivers in his column. Instead of writing about citizens’ push for better community policing programs and increased voter participation, he paints an inaccurate image of lawless, violent thugs who only seek to loot, shoot and burn. His ideological bent is clear.

How about we pursue fresh, positive and creative social commentary instead of giving this recycled, right-wing babble legitimacy? We deserve better.

Anthony Coleman
Peachtree City, Ga.