New Coweta I-85 exit is moving ahead


The interchange on Interstate 85 at Poplar Road continues to edge closer to reality. The Coweta County Commission on March 3 approved a state-required request to have traffic signals in the new intersection where construction is expected to begin in early-mid 2016.

County Administrator Michael Fouts said plans for the Poplar Road Interchange include traffic signals at the northbound and southbound ramps on Poplar Road.

“These signals would be owned and maintained by the Georgia Department of Transportation but Coweta County would be responsible for the ongoing monthly costs of power and communication service for these signals once they are completed under the project and accepted by GDOT,” Fouts said in a Feb. 24 letter.

The monthly cost of operating the lights is expected to be $50-60, said Fouts.

The state requirement to request that the traffic signals be installed is a next step in the process that will lead to the construction of the I-85 interchange at Poplar Road.

The long-anticipated interchange continues to move closer the reality. Fouts said right-of-way acquisition for the project is expected to be completed in late 2015 with construction expected to begin in early or mid-2016.

The project is expected to be completed with the interchange open during the 2017-2018 time frame.