Proposed salaries at PTC could cost up to $1 million


City employees in Peachtree City on Sept. 16 got a look at the classification and compensation plan performed by Condrey and Associates of Athens. With several options to choose from and if acted upon at a future date, implementation would carry a cost ranging from $650,000 to $1.1 million.

Mayor Vanessa Fleisch said the presentation at the Sept. 16 council workshop was for presentation purposes only, adding that it will be up to City Manager Jim Pennington to determine if a recommendation based on the findings will be forthcoming.

Pennington on Thursday said in the coming months he will likely make a recommendation that the council consider the Plan B proposal or a modified version of it. That plan is in the mid-range of the three proposals and would carry a cost ranging from $811,000-933,000.

The study represented a five-month process which included interviewing approximately 60 percent of city staff, meeting with department heads and the employee committee, distributing current position questionnaires and conducting an internal and external analysis.

The study compared job titles and job function in Peachtree City to other 18 cities in metro Atlanta and Fayette and Coweta counties.

The study was meant to review and revise the current classification system and pay plan, collect salary and benefits data and produce a recommended pay plan based on job analysis, job evaluation and wage survey data.

The compensation study looked at three possible salary scales, each consisting of 25 pay grades. The annualized cost of implementing one of the plans would range from 2.5-4.88 percent of current payroll of approximately $12 million.

Also included in the study was an equity adjustment for plans A, B and C based on a maximum percentage increase geared to the number of years of service. The equity adjustment ranged from 3.76 percent to 4.13 percent for the three plans and from 2.85 percent to 3.07 percent for modified versions of the plans.

In total, the cost to implement the plans ranged from $653,527 to $1.1 million.

Condrey representatives said the new pay scale is competitive and professionalizes and strengthens the city’s administrative infrastructure.

Pertaining to any future actions, Condrey representatives said the city may opt to budget an increase linked to the Employment Cost Index which would raise every employee’s salary and every pay range equally (in place of an annual salary survey), implement step increases linked to employee performance or provide funding for either suggestion contingent upon the city’s fiscal condition.

The classification and compensation study came with a cost of approximately $40,000.

The meeting was streamed live and is available at