Step back into history in Inman


The south Fayette County community of Inman will be taking a step back in time this weekend with the old-time activities that make up the 18th annual Inman Farm Heritage Days.

The three-day event, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will showcase the tractors and equipment that once worked the fields around the show grounds at 283 Hill’s Bridge Road, and there are many other exhibits that make the show far more than just tractors and engines, although those are the most popular for many who attend.

 Featured exhibits include a pottery exhibit complete with a wood-fired kiln, broom-making, weaving, threshing, syrup-making, a blacksmith shop, cider press, sawmill, a 100-year-old printing press and a moonshine still.

 There also will be pedal tractors for kids to ride, food vendors, displays of various other crafts and music.

 The Heritage Days show was founded by Rick Minter and his wife Joanne, but in recent years the leadership torch has been passed to their daughter Stephanie Minter Adamek.

 “When the show started, I was only 12 years old,” Adamek said. “At 12, Inman Farm Heritage Days meant fun with my friends, seeing cousins and meeting people my parents knew.

 “Now, I can introduce many of the same people who were once just acquaintances as family rather than friends to my daughter. I want this tradition to continue.”

 Adamek said the work involved in hosting the event is worth it in the end.

 “It’s always so much fun going to the show,” she said. “And now, even with the added tasks, it’s a joy to help host.”

 And there’s another show host in the making, Adamek’s daughter Abigail, who already is showing an interest in farming and farming ways.

 “My hope is that I will pass my love for the show on to my child,”Adamek said. “She’s the fourth generation to be a part of Inman Farm Heritage Days counting my grandparents Jim and Anne Minter. Maybe she can carry on the tradition to make it bigger and better than ever.”

 As it has in the past, Inman Farm Heritage Days offers free admission thanks to the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers and the contributions of generous sponsors. Visitors can support the show by purchasing souvenir programs and T-shirts.

For more information visit, find Minter’s Farm on Facebook or call 770-461-2840.