Kids warned: Stay off Lake Mac dam


    County: Youngsters scaled fence to leap into the water

    Fayette County officials are warning parents to keep their curious and adventurous youngsters outside the secured gated areas of the dam and spillway at Lake McIntosh and Lake Horton.

    Last week, several young girls were found inside the secured area at Lake McIntosh in Peachtree City, having scaled a fence to get in. They were jumping into the water from the top of the steel structure that spans the bridge, officials said.

    The girls ranged in age from 6 to 13 years old, and they ran away when approached by water system staff, who were on a routine visit to the property. A couple of the youngest children “did not make it off the property” and were warned to stay away, county officials said.

    A similar situation has occurred at Lake Kedron also, according to the county, which is taking measures to increase security at these and other water supply sites.

    “The area above and below the water near the dam is solid concrete,” said County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, “and any attempt to enter the water in that location is extremely dangerous and could easily be life-threatening. We will not tolerate any trespassing in that gated area and violators will be prosecuted.”

    Parents are being asked to accompany their children near the water at all times and also to prevent youngsters from wandering near pools, ponds, creeks and lakes without adult supervision.