No answer yet for Lake Peachtree


    A definitive answer for repairing the Lake Peachtree spillway, thus enabling the lake to be refilled with water, is likely several weeks away.

    While county officials delivered documents to the state’s Safe Dams program Tuesday, the county’s consulting engineer is working to review and investigate all data, according to Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson.

    The county wants to conduct a temporary repair on the spillway so the lake can be refilled and work can begin on designing a new spillway structure, officials have said.

    The lake level was lowered in February to allow for dock and shore maintenance, but structural problems with the spillway led to the lake remaining shallow in some places and non-existent in others.

    On some of the dry patches of the lake, grass has begun to grow as the eyesore continues to perturb citizens, as it is visible from nearby Ga. Highway 54 … and the backyards of many property owners along the lakeshore.

    The lake is owned by the city, but the county uses the lake as a drinking water reservoir, so officials from both governments are working on the solution.

    Because of the mostly dry lakebed, the annual triathlon had to be moved this past Saturday from its usual Lake Peachtree location to the lake on the city’s western border.