Learnard’s attacks tarnish Fayette, PTC


It amazes me why Councilwoman Kim Learnard of Peachtree City continues to pick fights with other politicians. She seems to have her claws out for Steve Brown now. It was this same councilwoman who continuously skirmished with former Mayor Don Haddix, wasn’t it?

I would think that with the addition of new and exciting opportunities from outside business coming into the county and possibly into Peachtree City, it would be better if we had civil debates and discourse over what is or is not best for Fayette County as a whole and specifically for the better quality of life for Peachtree City, Ga.

One does not have to bite their tongue always to be civil, but, the disagreements should not be “blown up and exploded” in the local newspapers or pure fodder for the “blogs.” Wasn’t there an old adage about “you get more with honey than with vinegar”?

Come on, Councilwoman Learnard, picking on former Mayor Haddix, now spitting venom at Mr. Brown, a “wrecking crew.” Now is this a positive image we wish to project to prospective employers who may be looking at Fayette County as a future destination?

I met you once and discussed your concern about getting a College and Career Academy. You seemed to be a person above petty comments like that. This is not a positive for me if you are a “flame thrower” at fellow politicians all the time.

In my observations, the past two years on the County Commission has been two of the most transparent years in a long time. Citizens get to have their say at the board meetings. Problems with bad connotations have been tackled openly and although with some controversy, been worked out. The County Commission and its leadership have tried to work with the other towns and cities in the county to have a cohesive working relationship.

I and others have been very pleased to see the positive results coming from the Board of Commissioners. Now, if there would be similar harmony in the PTC City Council, things could probably get moved forward without so much acrimony.

May I respectively suggest that Ms. Learnard go to the Board of Commissioners and sit down with Mr. Brown and Mr. Oddo and the others and discuss how PTC and the county could work better and more cooperatively. I for one am tired of the name-calling and open “gutting” of their political opponents of some in the PTC Council.

Bill Gainey
Fayetteville, Ga.