DOT’s ‘typical junk’ favors signals over traffic circles


I read the article about the crash at state roads 34 and 54 with interest — and surprise — that these don’t occur more often. The road “design” in that area is typical Georgia junk that favors congestion over flow.

The triangle formed by SR34, SR54, and Fischer Road should be changed to a large traffic circle. SR34, SR54, Fischer Road, and Lower Fayetteville Road would be the primary “spokes” to the circle.

As is great about traffic circles, other spokes could be used for the shopping areas nearby. No signals. Flow.

Anybody can throw together a road system by crossing the roads wherever they are, then putting up a bunch of signals that keep three-quarters of the traffic stopped. We need something better.

(Please do not edit “State Road” to “Highway”! These signal-clogged roads are not highways!)

Bob Morris
Peachtree City, Ga.