PTC couple cuffed for exploiting elderly man


Police: pair intimidated man into leasing home, then sold his belongings without permission

A Peachtree City couple was arrested Thursday on charges of exploitation and intimidation of an elderly person and burglary after convincing a man in an assisted living facility to lease his Hilltop Drive residence then moving into the residence and selling some of the man’s belongings.

Ericka Sambrone Porter, 51, and William Keith Porter, 55, were each charged with burglary and felony exploitation and intimidation of a disabled elderly person, according to department spokesman Lt. Mark Brown.

Brown said investigators received information of a possible exploitation and intimidation of an elderly adult on or about Nov. 2. Information on the possible exploitation of an elderly person came from neighbors, the Fayette County Probate Court and an assisted living facility, Brown added.

The elderly victim was contacted on repeated occasions regarding signing a lease for his residence on Hilltop Drive in Peachtree City. The elderly victim currently lives in an assisted living facility, Brown said.

Peachtree City Police investigators developed probable cause that the offenders convinced the elderly victim to sign the lease which did not go into effect until March 2014. The offenders had already moved into the elderly victim’s residence and began to sell various items from the residence, said Brown.