Rebuttal: In defense of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland


I would like to disagree with Mr. Neil Monroe on Lynn Westmoreland and the Tea Party.

I too have been a long-standing Republican. I was an “I like Ike” kid when I was 10 years old.

To begin with, Lynn Westmoreland showed a lot of backbone when he stood up and questioned the judgment of putting Muslims of questionable background in sensitive areas of our government. The last person to do this was Joe McCarthy.

Eisenhower was hired to get rid of all communists in our government and he didn’t do it. Joe McCarthy was the man fighting to get rid of the communists, and Eisenhower let Republican establishment and left-wing Democrats and news media lynch Joe McCarthy.

McCarthy was proved right after the Soviet Union failed. All 326 communist were found in the archives of the KGB as Soviet agents.

Although Lynn does not do everything I wish he would, he is a reliable vote for the conservative voice. We could have a John McCain or Lindsey Graham.

You will never have any real problems solved as long as the Republican establishment is in charge. You will still have the EPA choking the life out of the country. You will still have the Dept. of Education screwing with the education system. They will never try to really get rid of Obamacare.

Any Republican high school dropout could get the economy going again. The decay of America will continue because the establishment are decay managers.

I vote for Lynn Westmoreland because his ideas are the same as Ronald Reagan’s. Ronald Reagan’s ideas are never old, just as the ideas in the Bible never change. Ronald Reagan had the support of the religious people of that time. You don’t have any of that now because the preachers are afraid they will lose some of their membership.

The black churches still have Democrat rallies in their churches. We shouldn’t forget Hitler went into power without so much as a whimper from the Lutheran Church in Germany. Germany was 90 percent Lutheran. Reagan had eight government shutdowns and was a real fighter.

Reagan had to fight the establishment just as much as the Democrats. Reagan was not friends with Tip O’Neill. That is just a Democrat, socialist, media narrative. His son will tell you. They call each other “my friend” in Washington all the time to make it look good.

Barack Hussein Obama was the one willing to sacrifice the full faith and credit of the United States government to keep his socialist Obamacare. We have already had our credit downgraded because of his printing of money. It would probably be downgraded more if the rating agencies weren’t too afraid to do it. China’s rating agency has already downgraded it since.

For people that think the Republicans shut the government down, well after the healthcare system is destroyed the people will remember the Republicans were willing to shut the government down rather than implement that ball and chain around our leg. This was the first real debate on Obamacare we had.

During this debate we got to see all sorts of people debating that we had never seen before. We have a huge depth on our bench if leadership would just use them. But of course if there is no fight, there is only defense; you don’t need the bench.

The Republican establishment plays defense and the Tea Party believes in offense. Dick Cheney said you are going to have to be willing to break some china like Newt Gingrich did. Newt Gingrich did more for the Republican Party than any other single man other than Reagan in modern times by breaking china.

That is what you call offense. Why would you lose your country because you are afraid to go on offense? Not many football games are won that way. The Democrat Party sacrificed almost their entire party to get Obamacare passed. They lost 600 seats throughout the country in one year.

What are the Republicans willing to sacrifice to get rid of it?

Things are going to look like they are disarrayed when all the fighting is being done from the ground up and the leadership has little interest in fighting.

The Tea Party is not a party as such but a group of people interested in seeing their country survive this onslaught of socialism. The Tea Party furnishes enthusiasm of which the establishment has none. The Tea Party people’s agenda is returning to the founding principles of this country and defeating the socialist agenda of the Democrats and news media and Republican establishment.

Ever since the Tea Party gave the Republicans the House in an overwhelming victory in 2010, the Tea Party is attacked relentlessly. If it weren’t for the Tea Party you would already have a socialist nation. The Democrats and news media are more scared of the Tea Party than the Republican Party. That is why they are trying to destroy them and getting help from the Republican establishment.

The Tea Party can expect to be persecuted because they are the ones on offense. Nobody worries about the person not moving the ball.

Of all of the Republican people that won election in 2012, I bet you can’t name one of the establishment Republicans that won. I bet any dedicated Republican can name from 1 to 4 Tea Party Republicans that won because they work and aren’t afraid to fight while the establishment is the party of “We Can’t” and the Tea Party is the party of “We Can”.

W.H. Pool
Fayetteville, Ga.