Pota Coston, you are good candidate


In a day and age where most candidates only provide lip service and their actions show far less there has been one candidate from Tyrone who gained so many people’s respect because we saw her actions way before we heard her speak.

Pota Coston, thank you for being a candidate we can be proud of. You gained my attention and respect when you were the only politician to work a food drive and worked it with a humble servants heart and attitude for over three hours.

As I have gotten to know you, I have seen that you are everything we need in this county and so much more we never even knew we needed. Don’t be discouraged, we need you your skills, talents, and servant heart for the future.

Thank you for staying true to who you are, for loving Tyrone and Fayette County and working hard to serve us all. You did a great job, you kept the race clean, and you made us proud in every possible way.

Looking forward to seeing you in the future,

Arwen Mullikin
Fayetteville, Ga.