Ages apart: When P.C. becomes B.S


When lawful citizens are treated as suspiciously as other citizens who might engage in unlawful acts, Political Correctness becomes Basic Stupidity.

Since the beginning of beer, underage youngsters have tried to buy it, but in most cases have been thwarted by ID checks.

However, Political Correctness now deems it discriminatory to ask the young set for proof of age unless they ask an old dinosaur like me to also prove I am over 21.

Alas, at the local market on Senior Day, I get my aged discount but am carded when I buy my bottle of red and a bottle of white. (Thanks Billy Joel.)

To make matters worse, the checker, AKA credential cop, is usually three times younger than me and screams out, “21!” All I can do at that point is thank him or her for the compliment.

Truth be told, the establishment is afraid of a discrimination lawsuit being filed against them, so everyone is carded under the Basic Stupidity principle.

I was considering a protest movement whereby anyone over 65 would demand a manager be called to check their ID. This protest should slow the checkout lines down until the policy is changed. Eventually, this change will allow a trained eye to spot a Gray Panther and let us pass unhampered.

Unfortunately, since a protest like this would actually slow down the checkout line, it would be B.S. to do so. After all, the last thing I need at my advanced age is a bunch of youngsters mad at me for holding them up in line.

Joel Kinsman
Peachtree City, Ga.