Lay off Westmoreland on gun position; try attacking nation’s real issue


In response to Irene Cheyne’s letter chastising my congressman, Rep. Westmoreland, for accepting a contribution from the NRA in 2012, so what?

You feign concern that he has not published a self-deprecating press release on the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. Is there more than one publicly acceptable response to the senseless killing of innocent children?

In your form of government is every public official expected to state the obvious or face the wrath of Irene? Your list of offending public officials must be ever expanding. Or are you more concerned that Rep. Westmoreland would have the nerve to accept a contribution from an organization supporting the U.S. Constitution?

As a family man, this tragedy and the direction the left is taking our country has led me to do something I never have done in my life: exercise the Second Amendment and purchase a gun.

My research shows I am not alone. The gun stores throughout the South are near empty because of the fear of lawlessness and our socialist leaning government.

I assume your naive belief that prohibiting guns will keep them out of the hands of criminals is sad and dangerous. History shows us during prohibition that criminals made millions in illegal sales.

Just a suggestion, Irene: Instead of rebuking Rep. Westmoreland over a tragedy he had no control over, work for the betterment of your nation.

Educate yourself on the real bogeyman facing this nation, the slippery slope this nation is on. This nation is facing an attack on our Constitution and the $16.4 trillion debt that this President is recklessly increasing to appease the illiterate electorate that is looking for a handout.

T. Lake

Peachtree City, Ga.