STG presents ‘Southern Hospitality’


The hilarious comedy, “Southern Hospitality” opened at Southside Theatre Guild in Fairburn this past Friday and runs for two more weekends. The play, directed by Peachtree City resident Terry Hoffman, focuses on the Futrelle sisters and their friends and family in Fayro, Texas.

In this play, written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, the Futrelle sisters beloved hometown of Fayro is in danger of disappearing, and it’s up to the sisters to save it from extinction. How the sisters and the other citizens of Fayro pull together and save their town is a testament to Southern strength and ingenuity and a recipe for total hilarity. “Southern Hospitality” is the third play in a trilogy but it stands on its own. Southside Theatre Guild has presented the other shows, “Dearly Beloved” and “Christmas Belles” in other seasons.

“We’ve got a great cast,” Hoffman said, adding that the cast members come from numerous area theaters including Twilight Theatre, Newnan Theatre Company and A Company of Friends among others. “We’ve had a great time doing the show.”

This is Hoffman’s second time in the director’s chair – he directed “The Christmas Gift” last year — and he stated the strength and the professionalism of the cast of “Southern Hospitality” has helped everything go smoothly.

The cast includes Fayette County residents Jared Wright, Alison Chambers and Lauran Wilkerson, Coweta residents Lori Lewis, Anna Hardy, Jason Schmidt, Louisa Grant, Lynn Sovik and Andy Lees, Fulton residents Linda Cochran and Keith Williams and Heard resident Sam Gentry.

The show is family friendly and wildly funny. The characters are all larger than life and the situations they find themselves in escalate to a fever pitch.

“Southern Hospitality” runs Friday through Sunday the next two weekends. Phone 770-969-0956 or visit www.stgplays to reserve your tickets.