Kingsley: ‘Pardon my correction’


My very good friend Fred Springer wrote a very kind letter to The Citizen and I am grateful for his kind words. That said, I must correct two errors that Fred made. One error is important, the second is tongue in cheek.

The important error has to do with my military career. All Fred wrote was correct, except the part about my commanding a Special Forces A Team in Panama.

I did serve one year in the Special Forces Battalion in Panama, but as an A Team executive officer when I was a first lieutenant.

The Special Forces Battalion was critically short of lieutenants and asked for volunteers of infantry officers to transfer to the Special Forces unit. I volunteered and was selected and served for a year with many true American heroes.

The point I need to make is that I was an XO, not the commander and I came from an infantry unit and was not Special Forces qualified.

Fred’s letter seemed to imply I had been through the qualification course. Precise military records are important so I need to correct Fred’s inadvertent mistake.

The second mistake Fred made (tongue in cheek) is about my dancing ability. I can dance!

No one has ever complained about my dancing ability. In fact, dance partners quickly went to someone else and praised my dancing abilities.

I know Fred will say it was because they didn’t want to dance with me again, but I know they just wanted to share the talent.

Nonetheless, I have made a firm commitment to my wife never to appear on “Dancing with the Stars” or on the “Colbert Report.” My wife is a very wise woman.

Kent Kingsley

Milner, Ga.