Eye exam bill important safeguard for patients


As an optometrist based in Atlanta, I must write to state that Kelly McCutchen of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation was wrong when describing legislation dealing with online eye exams. HB 775 is an important bill drafted to safeguard the public’s vision health.

Eye exams conducted at a doctor’s office give consumers an important opportunity to have a medical professional examine their overall health. Using a laptop and an app eliminates the potential for previously undiscovered health conditions to be found by a medical professional.

My colleagues and I are deeply concerned that this remote company can issue contact lens prescriptions without ever examining a patient’s eye. The wrong lenses can cause severe infection and even permanent loss of vision.

There are simply too many questions about this online eye exam app to make it safe. Legislators agreed and that is why the bill was approved this session.

Dr. Judson Briggs, President
Georgia Optometric Association
Dunwoody, Ga.