The Breakthrough Project aims to raise money for breast cancer groups


The idea for a CD of songs to help lift the spirits of those dealing with breast cancer and to help raise money for the groups that provide support to them came to Charles Wilkins while he was talking with a friend.

“His wife had breast cancer and she was feeling pretty bad,” Wilkins recalled. “My friend was kind of kidding around and said ‘Why don’t you write her a song?’ I did and the idea for The Breakthrough Project followed soon after.”

Wilkins, a member of the band, Tymbral, started working on the idea last fall. He reached out to other musicians that he knew to see if they would be interested in being a part of the project. The response was overwhelming. The album, mixed and produced by Mark Turnham of XCessive Sound Recording, features eight bands or solo musicians. Many of the acts wrote original songs for the album, while others recorded songs that tied in with their theme. The album will also feature seven testimonies from breast cancer survivors. The Breakthrough Project will make its debut at the Breast Cancer Survivors Network 3rd annual One Day Walk in Peachtree City on March 24 and proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to the Breast Cancer Survivors Network, which is based out of Fayette County.

Artists donating songs and time to The Breakthrough Project are House of Thomas, Soul Sister Sally, This Revolution, Tymbral, Neil Cribbs, Zak Knight, Adam Howell Band and Ryan Robertson. The music on the CD ranges from contemporary pop to country, folk, Americana, blues and more. Wilkins is also in the process of scheduling concerts that will feature combinations of some of these acts this spring.

Wilkins is excited as the final touches on the albums are being made. He had endless praise for Turnham, working with a mix of seasoned musicians and others who didn’t have as much recording experience. The final touch was recording the seven testimonies from breast cancer and cancer survivors this past weekend and Wilkins praised the bravery of the women in telling their stories.

Wilkins envisions the album being a fundraiser for other groups as well and is just interested in helping out as many organizations as possible. There is even talk of creating more albums that could help raise awareness and funds for other causes and organizations.

The focus now is on getting the CD ready for the walk and helping the Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network continue to provide free programs, services and supplies for breast cancer patients in the community.

For more information on The Breakthrough Project, find them on Facebook and for more information on The Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network, phone 770-487-4396 or find them at