Mayor hindering economic progress


The mayor’s latest editorials regarding the dissolution of the Development Authority (DAPC) has factual relevance only in his own mind.

Don Haddix directs his self-serving misinformation to that group of citizens that are on the fringe of the political circles and hopes they are too busy to check the facts.

The undeniable truth is that the biggest economic development problem we have in Peachtree City is Don Haddix. When he is not taking credit for the work of others, his meddling is still poisoning any hope for professional-led economic development in Peachtree City.

The elected council majority chose to institute the position of economic development coordinator. The person selected for the position was a professional who, despite Haddix’s baseless claims, was well qualified to help Peachtree City move forward.

It took Haddix less than four months to run him off. His wife, perhaps the lone supporter of the mayor at this point, helped him by telling the newly employed economic development coordinator, Joey Grisham, “I hope your tenure is short here.”

We see again the underhandedness of Haddix in his letter to the editor last week. First, he misrepresents the successes of DAPC and fails to discuss any of the risks. He fails to mention that were it not for his meddling and Todd Strickland’s guiding DAPC into a political contest, we may have a Development Authority today.

Haddix claims that he will support any new economic development coordinator in one breath and then in another threatens that revival of DAPC is one council vote away. His implication is that would change the role of the new economic development coordinator.

What is wrong with this mayor? What qualified professional economic development coordinator in their right mind would want to accept this position now that he has poisoned the position?

Let’s hope the majority of the council finds a way to muzzle Haddix before he again kills any chance of economic development in Peachtree City.

Maybe we can loan him out as a good government consultant to the Middle East for the remainder of his term? But then again, they probably would require three character references for the job. I doubt there are three people left in the city who would give him one. His wife doesn’t count.

Mike LaTella

Peachtree City, Ga.