PTC used oil refinery to expand with merger


An oil re-refining company founded in Peachtree City in 1995 has announced a merger with a similar firm and an expansion of its facility on Dividend Drive in the city’s industrial park.

An Oct. 3 press release by The McPherson Companies (TMC) noted that the firm has merged with Peachtree City-based Universal Environmental Services, LLC, (UES) thus becoming the dominant used oil collector in the Southeast.

The McPherson press release said UES has merged with TMC as part of its effort to expand its collection footprint in connection with the construction and operation of a used oil re-refinery in Peachtree City.

UES was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Peachtree City. The company’s recycling facility is located at 411 Dividend Drive.

The plant expansion was approved by the Peachtree City Planning Commission in July 2009 and includes the addition of several storage tanks and equipment used in re-refining oil. No new buildings were included in the approved plan.

The press release noted that the expansion of the re-refinery is on time and is expected to be fully operational by the second quarter of 2013.

The UES website identifies the company as the premier provider of used oil, used oil filters, and spent anti-freeze collection and recycling services.

“Universal is 100 percent committed to managing and processing hydrocarbon wastes streams in an environmentally-compliant manner,“ according to UES. “Our priority is to recycle your waste streams but if the waste streams cannot be recycled, we guarantee that all waste disposal facilities we utilize are in full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations.

UES has five oil processing facilities and five satellite locations located across the Southeast.

TMC has nine used oil collection locations in Georgia and Alabama. Its merger with UES will result in an operation designed to become the dominant used oil collector in the Southeast, according to the TMC website.

Pertaining to the merger, UES CEO Juan Fritschy said, “There are substantial synergies between the two companies and, above all, both companies share a fundamental common conviction that we should re-refine our collected used oil into high quality base oil. TMC has a well established used oil collection network, which was nurtured and developed inside the McPherson family of businesses. The UES team, along with its German parent company AVISTA OIL AG, the biggest used oil re-refiner in Europe, welcomes its new partner.”