Fayette plans to ‘roll up’ tax rate


With more turbulent financial times ahead for the United States, the Fayette County Commission may increase its general fund millage rate by nearly a quarter of a mill to counteract the decline in property values.

Called a “roll-up,” the move is being recommended by County Manager Jack Krakeel, and the consensus at last week’s commission meeting was to proceed with advertising the millage rate increase. Previously the commission had agreed in principle to get by without a property tax increase for the general fund.

The county is slated to take public input on the millage rate increase at its Thursday meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville.

The net effect of the tax increase will vary from parcel to parcel. Properties whose fair market value declined compared to last year most likely will see their tax bills remain flat, while those whose assessed values remained the same will see an increase in property taxes.

The millage rate increase of .245 mills — about a quarter of a full mill — was calculated to provide the county with the same amount of property tax revenue as it received this year, officials have said.

This year all county residents will begin paying a new Emergency 9-1-1 property tax, which equates to $19.67 on this year’s tax bill for a home with a fair market value of $250,000. The millage rate for this property tax line item will be set at 0.207 mills, about a fifth of a full mill.

And on top of that, residents in the unincorporated county, Brooks, Woolsey and Tyrone are facing just over a half-mill increase for fire services to stave off a shortfall in funding. That will be counterbalanced somewhat with a reduction in the millage rate for EMS service, which will drop almost one-tenth of a mill.

The EMS millage rate reduction will have a positive impact for Fayetteville residents, who don’t pay county fire taxes since the city has its own fire department. Fayetteville, unlike Peachtree City, does receive EMS services from the county.