Haddix plays political game to city’s detriment


I read with interest Mayor [Don] Haddix’s letter, “Which is the real Eric Imker?” (The Citizen, July 20,2011). Having attended each of the budget meetings last year, some lasting past midnight, the mayor’s letter was a mystery to me.

I had spent many hours reviewing Councilman Imker’s proposed cuts that would have prevented a tax hike for Peachtree City. After carefully reviewing his proposed budget cuts I can categorically state that my opinion is that there was nothing illegal, unfeasible, or not doable as Mayor Haddix states.

I can also state with certainty that Councilman Imker never suggested parking meter revenue in any of the discussions I heard. My personal opinion is the mayor’s letter appears to be another in a pattern of misdirection and misrepresentation of the facts.

I believe we should all accept that others will have a differing view than we do. Councilwomen [Vanessa] Fleisch and [Kim] Learnard both had views of the budget last year that I did not agree with. However, they had the courage to state why they were taking their positions and vote in the way they felt best for the city. That I can admire.

That is in stark contract of my opinion of the actions of Mayor Haddix. After attending all of these meetings, I came away with the perspective he was only playing a political game to make others look bad and was not working in the best interest of the city. That I do not admire.

We have much to be proud of in Peachtree City. We may not be able to control county, state, or federal politics but we should demand the best at the city level, hoping it bubbles up. I personally have grown weary of the mayor’s games and hope for the sake of the city that this stops soon.

Randy Boyett

Peachtree City, Ga.