3-2 votes show PTC Council not that unified


Scott Bradshaw has made a lot of claims that are void of facts, meaning they are assumptions. In example, he said about the reorganization, “They were mistreated by Mayor Don Haddix and his band of council followers who are intent on selling or leasing Kedron Fieldhouse, reducing recreation opportunities and transferring the library to the Fayette County Library System.” All of which has no basis in fact.

A proposal for the Kedron Fieldhouse by a local businessman is something we must give consideration to, every bit as much as the big box development proposal on Line Creek.

It does not mean Council has been seeking to sell or lease it any more than there has been any talk on Council about transferring the library to the county. Where in the world did that come from? Not from any of us.

As for my “Council followers,” amazing! The 3-2 votes on taxes and other critical issues say differently, do they not? Indeed, we have some serious disagreements on Council with some very wide differences of opinions, such as on the Development Authority of Peachtree City, taxes, the TSPLOST, ARC and budget priorities.

“Approving a referendum on Sunday alcohol sales is a hot potato that some council members support but don’t want to discuss publicly. There should have been considerable public input before scheduling the referendum.” Isn’t the referendum the ultimate final public say on an issue? As far as not wanting to discuss, that is false. The law says when we put something on referendum we cannot talk about it or take positions.

Scott Bradshaw and I disagree on the vision of Peachtree City as well as several other areas. That is easy to see by whom he supported for the last Peachtree City and county elections, meaning he backed those that lost. It is his right and choice to back whom he wishes, of course, but it paints a very clear picture of our differences.

The purpose of this letter is not to attack Mr. Bradshaw personally. But persons like Bradshaw and [online blogger and letter writer] Mike King really do a disservice to the citizens of Peachtree City when they throw out false claims and accusations. They have an obligation to gather facts first before speaking, not simply speaking from personal opinions and political goals.

But to be fair, there is one area Scott Bradshaw and I strongly agree upon. We need DAPC funded to bring good jobs here. An economic development coordinator to pursue retail business does not help unless there is money to spend in stores.

The Fayette County Development Authority does not proactively pursue good employers. DAPC has the tools an EDC does not, simply because an EDC is a city employee, thus legally restricted in what they can do.

Bradshaw understands this as a developer and former Development Authority member who worked with the FCDA. I understand it from having worked with DAPC and the FCDA, taken all the GMA classes on the subject and having had discussions with many state and other officials for four years now.

Having mentioned Mike King, let me kick in here [that] I do not believe he will like any mayor until one pushes for a huge reduction of the police and fire departments as well as heavy across the board pay and benefits cuts to all employees.

There is a lot of flux, confusion and conflict within the county. A lot needs fixed and that requires change. In all the disagreements and discussions several things are a must.

We must deal with facts. We must do it honestly. We must have people in office who keep their election promises, deal with facts honestly and are willing to see it through to the right conclusion, no matter who or what tries to derail or discredit them along the way.

We must not go backwards to the way it used to be done politically.

[Don Haddix was elected mayor of Peachtree City in 2009. Previously, he had served two years as a council member. His email is dhaddix@peachtree-city.org.]