A good man’s name is being trashed needlessly, without the facts


I have lived in Fayette County for 45 years and was fortunate to arrive when we were still a “village.” I have witnessed the growth of the county: It was 8,000 persons when I moved here in 1966 and now it’s more than 106,000 persons.

We were, indeed, a “village” then. We shared responsibility for not only helping each other out, but in the rearing of each other’s children. Now we are just a metropolis, people scurrying to and fro, and there are those who delight in changing the status quo ante.

Some of those folks are now dumping (my word) on one of the finest sons to be born and reared here, Addison Lester III.

I have known him since he was in elementary school. His father was a well respected manager for the city of Fayetteville for nearly 15 years, and when he took over, there were several local citizens who had never felt obligated to pay their water bills. Not only did “Doc” Lester (his father was doctor and the moniker passed down) collect those water bills, he made sure they stayed current.

Those who are writing about Addison or dumping on him, have never had the courtesy to speak with him personally. That 100 acres in question? It’s been in the Lester family for 100 years. An FYI here, Lee Hearn is a relative on Addison’s mother’s side of the family. And while the property is visible from the West Fayetteville Bypass, it does not sit on it.

May we please stop slandering people we do not know, or at least have intelligence enough to speak with them directly and get the facts first?

As our beloved “Sambo” has said, the people moving in here seem to want to “Save Us From Ourselves.”

I’m sorry, but we are going right on being hard working folks, contributing to our community, and completing a job assignment given to us, i.e. the Election Board, and thank you very much, we are already “Saved.”

Carolyn Cary

Fayetteville, Ga.