McIntosh High Academic Team makes ‘High Q’ history


Anyone watching “High Q” (the scholastic high school competition on WSB-TV Channel 2) on a recent Sunday afternoon witnessed history in the making as the McIntosh High Academic Team garnered the most points ever earned by a single team on the game show.

McIntosh scored 910 points to Grady High School’s respectable 460 points. Not only did McIntosh win, earning the highest score ever, but also the combined score of the two teams was the highest in the show’s 25-year history.

Members of McIntosh’s Academic Team are Karen Anderson (captain), Logan Austin, Scott Bradford, and Nathan Pearson. Team coach Lynne Bruschetti says reading and retention is what makes the team successful.

“They are inquisitive students who read everything they can get their hands on. When they read, they remember everything that they read,” she said.

The team practices at least once a week from August until the end of the season in February, but they often get in a second session by joining the Junior Varsity practice. In addition to studying subjects such as history, math, literature, science and the arts, the team prepared for “High Q” by looking at current events that were making headlines the week of the competition.

This was the first year in several seasons of “High Q” that a high school from the Fayette County Public School System had appeared on the show; systems are chosen at random each year. In order to determine which high school would represent Fayette, a local competition between the county’s high school academic teams was held.

McIntosh will attempt to repeat their stellar performance on Jan. 16 when the team returns to “High Q” to take on Walton High.

“High Q” airs weekly Sunday afternoons on WSB-TV Channel 2.