Open Street Map ‘party’ in downtown Fayetteville


The City of Fayetteville and Open Street Map are seeking volunteers to help collect data of Downtown Fayetteville that will help create a new, user-friendly, online map of the city.  The “party” is being held on Saturday, Nov. 6 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Volunteers will meet at the Gazebo and be designated different sections of downtown to record street names, crosswalks, traffic signals, business names and much more. 

The data can be collected on a GPS device or digital camera, but those without any devices can help by recording data on printed map sheets that will be provided and later uploaded to the site.  The party is open to anyone with an interest in mapping and discovering the details of our city streetscape. 

Open Street Map is an organization that seeks to map the entire world, one community at a time, using the knowledge and resources of its local residents.  Originating in Europe and eventually making its way to the US, Open Street Maps (OSM) offer an advantage to more traditional internet maps.

Although many internet sites (i.e. Google) offer free maps for viewing, users are restricted from modifying or publishing them without being subject to copyright issues. OSM site data is unique in that it is completely free for downloading and can be used in publications or other purposes.  It can also be regularly updated by end-users as businesses change or streets are modified. 

Lynn Hale, the City’s GIS Technician, is excited about the benefit to residents and visitors coming to Fayetteville.  “Open Street Map will enrich the way we visualize Downtown Fayetteville.  The increased detail will provide visitors and residents a comprehensive view of the amenities available downtown”, said Hale. 

To find out more info about OSM, visit their website,

For more details about the mapping party and how you can participate, please contact Lynn Hale at 770-719-4178.