Burn headlights to support After School Programs Oct. 21


Burn your car’s headlights on October 21 to support “Lights on Afterschool” and the nearly 1,400 elementary-aged students and their families who rely on the Fayette County Public School System’s After School Program (ASP) for a safe alternative to staying at home alone.

The Afterschool Alliance’s 11th annual Lights on Afterschool is a national event that calls attention to the importance of afterschool programs and the resources required to keep the lights on

Celebrations will take place in after school programs throughout the county with family nights, poster design contests, and ASP tours.

Fayette’s ASP has been in operation since 1987 under the auspice of the Fayette County Board of Education and the guidance of various national organizations such as the National Afterschool Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the Georgia School-Age Care Alliance. The program has grown from 250 students serving nine elementary schools at its inception to nearly 1,400 students today at 17 elementary schools.

ASP is not only a great alternative to daycare, but it also gives parents peace of mind. It is a safer option than entering a home alone, and has been shown to reduce opportunities for latchkey kids to engage in criminal, delinquent or inappropriate behaviors or become victimized by predators. It has also been shown to improve achievement and promote a better attitude toward school.